Executive summary

About us

Our dedicated clinical trials center would like to offer services of experienced investigators in various medical specializations to take part in clinical trials. Our medical facility is situated in Olomouc, Czech republic. Our specializations cover dermatology, diabetology, internal dis., neurology and psychiatry. The center was established in 2011 and has successfully worked on various clinical trials, always providing high quality data and alert communication. We are pro-active advertisers and PR builders. We are connected to local government in the area of public health education, social and medical care etc. 

We are ready to offer Sponsors and CROs the best solutions for their clinical trials while reducing their costs.

We are a high quality organization dedicated exclusively to clinical research that is able to deliver to Sponsors and CROs:

  • carefully selected prescreened patient population,
  • perfect specialized investigators,
  • professional and focused research environment for conducting the clinical trials,
  • quality assurance and site management of the whole process of clinical trials,
  • alert and effective communication with Sponsors’ representatives,
  • quality data delivery – efficient data management in compliance with the protocol.

We seek to establish a firm, long lasting and productive relationship with the Sponsor or it’s CROs based on mutual trust and cooperation.

We are prepared to negotiate with Sponsor and CRO the particular details for each clinical trial to be performed in absolute conformity. Our priority is adherence and strict obedience of the rules governing conduct of clinical trials and ICH-GCP.

Where do we deliver the value?

Our objective: Identify needs of the Sponsor/CRO and carefully prepare for the trial.

Our spotlight: Pre–screen patients that might fulfill the in/exclusion criteria and prepare the resulting Exact Target Population (ETP) for participation in the clinical trial.

Our target: Include the ETP into the particular clinical trial while providing an optimal environment for clinical trial conduct at focused site.

We truly aim to follow the protocol and GCP/other regulations, yet honest mistakes may happen. If any mistake occurs, we discover it promptly, notify as necessary and prevent it from happening again.

Who are our Principal Investigators?

The participating Principal Investigators (PIs) are:

  • Research enthusiasts,
  • fully board licensed therapeutic area specialists,
  • skilled investigators,
  • fluent English speakers,
  • good communicators towards the Sponsor/CRO,
  • true team leaders.

We focus at safe, effective, patient–centered, timely, efficient and equitable service to the patients. We are very respectful of individual patient preferences, needs and values.

Our values:

  • respect for the patient’s values, preferences and expressed needs,
  • coordinated and integrated care,
  • clear, high–quality information and education for the patient and family,
  • physical comfort, including pain management,
  • emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety,
  • involvement of family members and friends, as appropriate,
  • continuity, including through care–site transitions,
  • easy access to all types of care.