About center

Clinical trials center has been founded in 2011 as a privately owned medical facility. Our center specializes in conduction of clinical trials of humane medicinal products. Since our foundation we have participated on more than 50 clinical trials in various fields of specialization.

We are a professional medical organization focused on clinical research, that is able to provide the sponsors and CROs with:

  • Experienced investigators in desired specializations,
  • professional study team (study nurses, coordinators, data managers, recruitment specialists),
  • carefully pre-selected patient population,
  • environment tailored exclusively for conduction of clinical trials,
  • provision of clinical trials quality management within the center,
  • alert and effective communication with sponsors‘ / CROs‘ administrative representatives,
  • quality of acquired data – effective data management in compliance with the protocol.

We focus on safe, effective, timely and client oriented services to patients, foremost through:

  • Respect to patients values, preferences and expressed needs,
  • comfort, coordinated and integrative care,
  • clear, maximally comprehensible information provided to patients and their families,
  • psychological support and elimination of concerns and anxiety,
  • involvement of family members and caregivers, in cases where it is convenient,
  • continuity of care, including communication with patients‘ own GP and/or other medical care providers.

Our center takes pride in very careful and active patient recruitment. We closely cooperate with a number of specialists and newly also with four significant hospitals in our region. Our center makes clinical trials accessible to patients of these professionals and facilities, without an excessive administrative burden.

We are very active on social networks and in mass media.

Who are our employees?

  • Fully licensed specialists in specific fields of health care,
  • qualified, certified and experienced workers,
  • fluent English speakers,
  • professionals ready to provide full cooperation to sponsor/CRO representatives,
  • people who enjoy clinical trials.

What are the roles of our key staff?

  • Principal investigators (board certified, specialists of the field)
  • Sub-investigators (board certified, mostly internists),
  • Study nurses,
  • Data managers (eCRF specialists),
  • Study coordinators,
  • Recruitment specialists (marketers, social media, press)
  • QA manager.

Proč se stát pacientem CTC?

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